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Pokemon Ruby Save File Gba

I have the GBA emulator "My Boy!" (full version) for Android, and I am playing Pokemon Leaf Green. I downloaded some save files from and would like to know how to use them with the emulator.

Pokemon Ruby Save File Gba


To use a downloaded save file, you must rename the sav to have the same name as the ROM. I.E: poke.gba will load poke.sav. You must also set the cartridge save type in the emulator options to be the same as the sav file.

*OSX support: Results may vary. Mac's write dozens of megabytes of hidden system files when you connect a USB drive to your Mac. This confuses Joey and can trash saves. We recommend Joey is used on a Windows machine, or a Mac running windows/bootcamp etc.

Place your game in your GameBoy Advance or Nintendo DS Lite. Upon booting up the game, a fake GBA Pokémon game will simply read, "The previous save file will be loaded. The game can be played." before the save-select screen appears. Authentic games will not show that message, but simply direct you to the save select screen.

When a certain number of Pokémon are deposited from a game cartridge, an additional Pokémon Egg will be deposited. The Pokémon that hatches will know a special move that it would not learn normally and that cannot be passed down through breeding. The deposited Pokémon do not all need to have the same original Trainer ID number, but must be transferred from the same game cartridge into Pokémon Box. This means that, in cases where a player has access to multiple games, all of the Pokémon can be transferred to one, then moved into Box. A player can get 1 of each egg per GBA game save file. All 4 eggs can be hatched Shiny in the same save file which received them. The Pokémon that are available from the special Eggs are:

For a couple of days I was playing Pokemon ruby version on "my Boy" Gba emulator on android and I progressed very far on that game. But today day as I load the game there it displays a option of new game, my saved game is lost all of a sudden why'd this happen and how could I retrieve the saved game back again. I used the In-game feature to save my progress all this long.

You should take a good look inside your stock file manager, look in the "0sdcard" (the main directory in most devices), look for the folder that says "downloads". Chances are, if you haven't actually done anything in your stock file manager before and you simply downloaded that rom from a site then stared playing it, that the actual ruby save file (.sav) for that ruby rom (usually .zip) are both somewhere mingling in that file folder still.... If you download multiple things but don't touch the file manager, little things (like a rom save file) will be treated as non existing to your emulator (it gets confused). If you did find both at this point: Back out of your download folder and create a new folder in you main directory called "EMU ROM". Inside that new folder, create another new folder caller "Ruby". After that, cut and paste both Ruby zip and Ruby save inside EMU ROM's "Ruby" folder. After that, go to My Boy emulator load menu then select "EMU ROM" --> "Ruby" then load your game. In any case though, I Still Highly Recomend you make a "EMU ROM" folder in your main file manager directory and store each rom zip in it's own labeled folder inside EMU ROM from the start. If you do, you'll never run into the problem of your game save getting lost in a file folder again. Just to add- if you ever plan on playing any other rom types (like GB/GBC) on a different emulator, after downloading it, inside "EMU ROM" folder make a "GBA" folder for your gba game folders... "GB/GBC" for you gb/gbc game folders... Etc... Etc... I hope this helps.

Edit: And yes, this has happened to me on my Ruby and Sapphire carts too. I never bothered to fix Ruby, but my Sapphire was fixed because I downloaded the shiny Zigzagoon from EB Games, and the patch was on that. Honestly, the game is playable even with the dry battery. You won't lose your save files or anything, it simply affects the in-game clock.

The save file should be safe if the battery is replaced correctly. All the battery does is power the internal clock, it cannot tell the difference between a dead battery and no battery. In other words; You can even play the game with the battery removed.

Unfortunately, Pokemon games only allow a single save file on each game card. If you wish to start a new save file, you must clear your previously saved data first. To do this, Press UP + B + X at the Main Menu. You will be given confirmation notices before the data has been permanently deleted.

If you already bought the game you should always try it on and check if: there is already a save file, even though some people may delet it before selling the game, see if it saves, see if some weird message appears after the title screen (the batery has run out message is completely normal btw) and the last thing to do is probably check if the game can trade with other games. Fake games are getting better and better unfortunatelyand and all this aspects may work in a fake game, but keep them in mind nonetheless since if one of them doesnt check, your copy might be a fake.

I recently bought a copy of Pokemon Emerald off the internet for a Nuzlocke, and it'll probably arrive within a month or two. Judging by the photos and a guide to the differences online, it's either real or a very convincing fake. According to the page I bought it from, it's brand new and hasn't been used before, and there doesn't seem to be any feedback indicating that the cart will be broken or glitched. While I wait for it to arrive, there are a few things I'd like to know more about, but I can't find a whole lot of information about online.-How long does an internal battery last?-Aside from the clock stopping, are there any additional side effects of the battery being dry?-What are the major differences between a real and bootlegged copy of a Pokemon game?-If the internal battery is dead, is there a way I can replace it safely and with relatively minor difficulty?-What are common causes of unexpected save file loss or corruption? Are any of these likely to happen to my copy of the game based on what I know about its condition?If anybody can answer even one of these, I would really appreciate it. I'm pretty sure that I covered all the information I know, but let me know if I need to make anything else more clear.

Unfortunalty, people often put "hack" copies of these games onto these stores and sell them, claiming that they are official copies. I'm not talking about Pokémon ChaosBlack or Pokémon ShinyGold, but illegally created copies of the official Generation III games. I was unfortunate enough to purchase an illegal copy of Emerald on eBay (luckily, the seller was nice enough to give me a refund). This marks the third video game I've bought online, and all three have been hacked. The game actually worked fine on my DS Lite. until I played Diamond Version, that is. I'm no expert on this stuff, but I'm pretty sure that, when Diamond tried to access the game (for dongling and migrating, Diamond could recognise is as an offical game. As a result, when I went to play Emerald again, the save file was corrupted.

The MAX Drive DS PC application also connects to the server to download hundreds more! Users can post their own game saves to the server, and download those created by others. Think you're the greatest gamer on the planet? Now's your chance to join the MAX Drive DS community and prove it! Look out too for Power Saves, save files hacked by Datel's dedicated code crackers to contain all sorts of cheats and enhancements such as Infinite Lives, All Levels, Every Character and more. 041b061a72


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