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Fallout 4 Torture Mod UPD

Clock and wall torture from NexusMods, Fallout 4 at Clock and wall torture (CWT) Is a re-texture of the existing Starburst clocks found in the Player-home and throughout numerous homes in the Commonwealth

Fallout 4 Torture Mod

While Father's use of Fallout 4's new DLC to torture companions is plain enough, the YouTuber IAGO lives up to the Machiavellian tendencies attached to the mantle of the Shakespearean character of the same name by crafting a complicated Rube Goldberg device built solely to shoot paintballs at Preston Garvey's butt. Rather than describe the needlessly intricate designs of the creation, it's best for fans to simply watch the clip above as it unfolds.

Torture can be performed using the mindscrew, although you do have to pay Tynan 20 bucks to do it. The mindscrew provides a +20% pain, able to incapacitate wimps permanently. Even if your guest leaves (although very unlikely), they will not be able to remove it. The mindscrew can be crafted with after brain wiring has been researched (requires 1 techprint). You could also make the pawn go hungry, and only feed them once they become incapacitated from malnutrition. Or, you could give them a nuclear stomach, and laugh as your stinky prisoner (oops, did I say stinky prisoner? I meant "our valued guest!") starts to suffer from carcinoma. If you really want to go hardcore, you could wait until Randy blesses your colony with a toxic fallout, and have the prisoner bathe in the fallout 24/7. Occasionally, transfer to a "recovery room" to prevent them from dying, then put them back in the fallout after the toxic fallout severity falls to moderate. They will get dementia and carcinoma! Two for the price of one!

Slavery, like most other war crimes (except for vanilla torture, razing, and systematic genocide) is profitable. On a nice day, you can sell tens of slaves, netting thousands of delectable silver coins. To facilitate easier slave capturing, use fast-firing, lower damage machine guns such as the LMG or the Minigun to bring down as many enemies as possible. Throw them into our "hotel", then, when a nice slave or pirate trader drops by, sell the lot!

I see the only way to win this game (mod) - is not to play. Seriously. It is beautiful, carefully designed, eye- (and ear-) candy. But this is an experiment designed to torture people, and this is what it does.

When you come to this time you're strapped to a chair across from the other deputy who he still has captured. John will toy with his torture tools while he mocks you and eventually you'll have to say yes to him.

Unlike most of the other mods on this list, Evil Lair of Hydra combines sex and violence. Your home also has a dungeon, where you can imprison, torture, or even execute victims. Or you can order the girls to torture each other. Or you can use it for a wild BDSM orgy. The possibilities are endless.


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