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Full Version Asambhav

A young woman remembers the wrongs done to her in her past life and takes rebirth to avenge herself. As her mission unfolds, many secrets of the past are unveiled. Adinath Shastri, the second child of Madhusudan Shastri returns to India from the US for a sabbatical and plans to marry Sulekha who is his aunt's sister. They fall in love over the Internet and plan to marry as soon as he comes back and has plans to go back to the US with her. Adinath and Sulekha get engaged and plan to marry soon. However, fate takes an unexpected twist when he travels to Konkan for work and accidentally meets Shubhra after he meets with an accident. Shubhra lives with her mother and is supposed to marry Ramakant Khot. She nurses Adinath back to health and congratulates him on his engagement. Adinath is surprised as he does not remember telling Shubhra about it, to which she replies that she had a vision in which she saw him getting engaged. Adinath is taken by surprise. As a few days pass by, Shubhra and Adinath spend time together and get married without any plans. They return to the "Wada" (ancestral mansion) in Vasai (near Mumbai) on the day he was supposed to marry Sulekha, where his family members are in full swing with the marriage preparations. He introduces Shubhra as his wife to which everyone reacts atrociously. Sulekha is heartbroken and fumes at Adinath and Shubhra. Initially, the family members reject his decision but later accept Shubhra.

Full Version Asambhav


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