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Resident Evil: Damnation

  • Svetlana Belikova Voiced by: Wendee Lee, Eriko Kawasaki (Japanese)The president of the Eastern Slav Republic. Authority Equals Asskicking: She demonstrates this by easily defeating Ada Wong, who is often portrayed as one of the strongest and most calculating characters in Resident Evil. She also rather easily defeats Leon (in heels and a skirt no less) and then tosses him several meters across the room effortlessly.

  • Badass Boast: She delivers one to Ada when the latter realizes that the rumors of her being a former instructor are true.Ada: So... it's true what they said about you being a former instructor. Svetlana: Former? I still am an instructor.

  • She also hands out a boast to Leon when he is holding her hostage during the standoff under the palace.Svetlana: Do you have any idea who you are pointing your gun at? Leon: Let me see... you're the Beekeeper? Svetlana: The Beekeeper? Leon: The person who released the Plaga. Svetlana: Just as I thought. You haven't a clue. I am the President... of this country.

  • Big Bad: The villain of Damnation.

  • Dark Action Girl: She has a military background, and the skills to take on Ada (and Leon) in a fight.

  • Faux Affably Evil: As expected for a political figure, she can conduct herself with charm and good manners when necessary. She's actually a stone-cold, ruthless dictator that will crush anyone she considers useless.

  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a painful-looking burn scar on her back.

  • Karma Houdini: Zig-Zagged: She gets away with her life, but she's deposed as President and her plans for entering the international stage are irrevocably ruined.

  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: She's totally not Yulia Tymoshenko. Really.

  • President Evil: A classic example of the Soviet type.

  • Punch Catch: Pulls one off with Ada during their fight.

  • Retired Badass: Formerly a combat instructor. Not so retired after all.

  • Tranquil Fury: While telling Leon exactly who and what she is. She's clearly angry, but maintains her cool while doing so.

Resident Evil: Damnation

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An East Slav army soldier guarding the front of president's palace is seen with a RPK light machine gun. Russian soldiers at the end of the movie were seen with RPKs. It should be noted that the Russian soldiers would be more likely to be using the newer 5.45mm RPK-74 or RPK-74M instead of the older 7.62mm RPK.

Little is known about the backstory of the villainess, with the only thing being known for certain was that she was wealthy due to her being a businesswoman. She also became the President of the Eastern Slav Republic, and began residing in the nation's Presidential Palace, which was located in the capital city of Holigrad.

During her presidential term, the first East Slavic Civil War broke out when citizens disfranchised with the country being an oligarchy (having become one in order to regain economic stability due to its economic and social infrastructure that came due to the nation being a post-Soviet state) decided to initiate an uprising in an attempt to force political change that would ensure a shift towards egalitarianism. President Belikova ended the insurrection by allowing one of the Eastern Slav Republic's poorer regions, with its citizens being allowed to live with limited government interference. The representatives and administrators of this region were known as the Council of Elders, with the group being led by Ivan Judanovich.

Belikova then devised a twisted plot in order to ensure that her villainy went undetected and also so that so she could elevate the Eastern Slav Republic's status in the international community. The conspiracy involved the villainess obtaining bio-weapons (including a group of Licker βs) from TRICELL Inc., arming her regime with some of said bio-weapons, and then handing the rest over to the rebels via a front company. One of these bio-weapons included a version of the Plaga parasite whose dominant species contained an intentional imperfection that caused their hosts to slowly lose self-control. By February 2011, the villainous President Belikova secretly promised the Council of Elders a share in the oil profits if they ended their struggle for independence; almost all of them agreed confidently to this, with the sole exception being Ivan. In reality, this was all part of her method of ridding of the rebel leadership, which she expected to happen when said leadership succumbed to the Plaga parasites; after then happened, she would then heavily imply that their disappearance came about as a result of the rebels executing them.

President Belikova and her soldiers later surrounded both Ada and Leon Kennedy (who had arrived at the palace earlier) at the main hive control, with Ada escaping with help from a smoke bomb, while Leon got into a shootout with her troops, managing to kill several of them. After Leon's ally Alexander Kozachenko commanded Lickers to attack her armed forces, the terroristic Svetlana had her secretary activate two Tyrants in order to murder the two men.

Believing that all loose ends had finally been tied up, the villainess changed into a purple suit and prepared for a televised press conference during which she would give a speech that would make herself seem like the heroine of the second civil war, only for her aide to reveal that they are being attacked by American and Russian forces; both countries had retrieved intelligence that exposed her various villainous deeds. After said forces occupied the Eastern Slav Republic in order to kill off all of the remaining BOWs but her ambitions for the country were completely unrecognized, and the corrupt President Belikova was forced to resign (impled of firing her due to the bad performance). Beyond that, Svetlana's ultimate fate is left unknown and never to be seen or heard again. 041b061a72


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