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Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings [2021] Download For Windows PC

The only issue I have with Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is that the online (and its lack of a LAN option) does have some issues with lag and connection issues (most notably with the EA servers). Since there is no LAN option, local gaming is a necessity for me so the online component doesnt bother me at all, but it could be a problem for some people. Also, the software is free, but you need to play the game to unlock all the stuff that is there to play. The levels are deceptively challenging and there are some hidden gems (such as the catcher bug). There is also an online leaderboard, but it isnt as good as I would like (and could be better).

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings download for windows PC

The only real downside to Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is that the game isnt as big of a hit as Baseball Superstars. Thats not to say it isnt a very good game (or a must have) but it doesnt have the big name MLB license and the name recognition of its parent game. However, the lack of mega mania is balanced out by the fact that Extra Innings is a great game in its own right. If you like arcade style baseball and just want to jump in and learn as you play then this is the game for you.

Obviously, if youre looking for a full blown baseball sim, then Baseball Superstars 2013 or MLB The Show 2013 are a better option (particularly The Show). Extra Innings has great presentation and controls but unless you are a hardcore baseball fan, Baseball Superstars 2013 is the way to go. If you want something that is easy to learn and easy to play, then Extra Innings is the game to check out.


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