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Clint Lanford
Clint Lanford

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Is there a way to export a Microsoft Stream file in a different format, such as .wmv or .mp4? Currently, if I want to convert the file format, I would need to use a different non-Microsoft application. I'm just wondering if this could instead be done using Microsoft applications.

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Hello. I've already tried searching for this particular issue without any results, so here goes.... I have the above mentioned version of Vegas and encounter video playback/rendering problems with .wmv files. The .wmv files that I bring into Vegas always stutter (or are jittery) both during playback and rendering. The very same .Mp4 files don't experience this and playback/render fine. I've tried adjusting various import settings, etc. to no avail. Any suggestions?

Whenever I try to play .wmv in an media player, it won't start playing by itself. When I slide the bar a little further only then it does. Could be the .wmv file corrupted from the beginning? How can I check this to make sure if it is?

Is there a maximum file size when importing a .wmv file into Storyline? I have a .wmv file that is 560KB that imports just fine. I then have two other files that are approx 200MB that will not import. The exact error I get is:

IT came over and downloaded the required codecs. We even tried converting the file to MP4 using VLC. I've got two other computers that are trying to covert the file to .swf and .avi. We are thinking it is the source file that was created in Gotomeeting and saved as a .wmv file. We just think the file (video is 1.5 hours long) is too big. I can't even split it up in Camtasia as the playhead freezes. Any suggestions/help would be great!

So that leads me to my original question again about max file size of imported files and formats. The .wmv file was 210MB and wouldn't import. However the .avi is 274MB and imported fine (took about 15 mins). Is there a known issue with trying to import .wmv files that were generated from gotomeeting? Is there a max file size limitation w/in Storyline?

Thanks Christine. If I publish for CD, can I still put the file into the LMS? This is the ultimate goal - adding it to the LMS. However, we can't put .wmv files in our LMS that aren't SCORM compliant. So that's why I was trying to import the .wmv into Storyline, Captivate, or Camtasia (our .swf didn't generate last night - computer crashed). Right now I have the Storyline recording window on top of the .wmv and I'm just letting it play in our recording room for the next hour and a half just to get the video into the LMS.

We downloaded the latest codecs on the training room computer where we record the .wmv files from GoToMeeting. I had my boss conduct a small test video to see if it was a size issue. I still get the codecs error. All computers (mine, boss, training room) have been updated with the latest codecs.

The only other discrepancy we can think of is that all our machines are 64bit. However, the training room is 32bit. Could that have an impact on why even a small .wmv will not import into Storyline? We don't want to change out the computer or any hardware until we can get a confirmation on this.

Just wanted to let you all know what the issue was. I wanted to see how the video from GoToMeeting was being saved. I sat with my boss who did a quick test on her machine where she saved the file as .wmv. I had a conversation previously with another co-worker earlier on Friday who mentioned that when he saves gotomeeting files as .wmv he selects the 'convert to .wmv' option and it takes about 45 mins for his videos to convert. The fact that my boss was able to save the files immediately prompted me to see if she had that 'convert' check box selected. Sure enough - it wasn't selected on her machine, nor the training room machine. One setting was the culprit. I'm able to import just fine now. These long videos (1.5 hrs) import into storyline in about 10 mins.

Is there a recommended size (screen resolution) when importing .wmvs? Now that we have them working, we've tried a couple of things. When recording from gotomeeting, I've had the trainer bump up the screen size to 165%, full screen. I've also had them reduce the window size but keep the 165% magnification. Here's a screen shot to show you the latter.

I have installed Moodle 3.5 on my server and installed eguru moodle theme on my site, also integrated Microsoft OneDrive Repository and it is working fine, now i am unable to upload/play .wmv & .avi file formats,

I am a new Nvivo user, and I have started with Nvivo8 SP3. My problem/complaint is that it takes several minutes to "import" individual .wmv files, even though I am not embedding them in the project. I have tried both the drag/drop method and the menu "import internals" method, and both take a ridiculously long time to process. Most of the .WMV files are around 40 MB. I have two main questions:


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