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Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1 Patch

Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1: A Review

Avid Sibelius Ultimate is a music notation software that allows composers, arrangers, and educators to create, edit, and share scores of any complexity. It is the latest version of the world's bestselling notation tool, with new features and improvements that make it easier and faster to write music. In this article, we will review some of the highlights of Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1 and how it can help you create stunning scores.

What's new in Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1?

Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1 is the seventh feature release in the last 12 months, and it introduces a groundbreaking new AI-powered feature that makes it quicker and easier than ever to compose and input chords into your score. This feature is called Chord Assistant, and it works by analyzing the harmonic context of your music and suggesting suitable chords for you to choose from. You can access Chord Assistant by pressing Shift+Q on your keyboard, or by clicking on the Chord Assistant button in the Note Input tab. A pop-up window will appear, showing you a list of chords that match the key, mode, and style of your music. You can preview the chords by clicking on them, and insert them into your score by double-clicking or pressing Enter.


Chord Assistant is not only a great tool for composing new music, but also for transcribing existing music or improvising over a chord progression. You can use Chord Assistant to quickly input chords from a lead sheet, a MIDI file, or an audio recording. You can also use Chord Assistant to explore different harmonic possibilities and create variations on a theme. Chord Assistant is powered by Avid's Neural Engine, which uses deep learning algorithms to analyze musical data and generate intelligent suggestions. The Neural Engine is constantly learning from millions of songs and scores, and it adapts to your personal preferences and style over time.

Another new feature in Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1 is the improvement to the ManuScript plugin. ManuScript is a scripting language that allows you to create custom plugins for Sibelius, such as adding text, symbols, articulations, or layout options to your score. The ManuScript plugin has been updated to support the latest features of Sibelius, such as Chord Assistant, Score Subsets, and respacing. You can also use ManuScript to create your own chord symbols, chord diagrams, or chord charts for guitar, ukulele, or other stringed instruments.

What are the benefits of Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1?

Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1 offers many benefits for composers, arrangers, and educators who want to create professional-quality scores with ease and efficiency. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can write music faster and easier with Chord Assistant, which helps you find the right chords for your music.

  • You can customize your score with ManuScript plugins, which let you add your own features and functions to Sibelius.

  • You can share your score online and on social media with anyone, anywhere, with Sibelius Cloud Sharing. You can also collaborate with other musicians and editors in real time with Avid Link, a free app that connects you to the Avid community.

  • You can access your score on any device with Sibelius Mobile, a free app that lets you view, play, edit, and share your score on your iPad or iPhone.

  • You can transcribe audio and scan printed music to Sibelius with AudioScore Lite and PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite, which are included in your free trial.

  • You can get special pricing on Sibelius Ultimate if you are a student or a teacher, or if you want to upgrade from an older version of Sibelius.

How to get started with Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1?

If you want to try out Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1, you can download a free trial from the Avid website. The free trial lasts for 30 days, and it includes all the features and functionality of Sibelius Ultimate. You can also watch some webinars and tutorials on the Avid website to learn more about how to use Sibelius Ultimate. If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact the Avid support team or join the Sibelius forum.

Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1 is a powerful and versatile music notation software that can help you create beautiful scores for any genre, style, or instrument. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can benefit from the new features and improvements that Avid Sibelius Ultimate 13.0.1 offers. Download your free trial today and discover the easiest way to write and share music with the world.


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