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Arashi Around Asia Thailand Taiwan Korea

Arashi Around Asia: Thailand - Taiwan - Korea

Arashi, one of the most popular Japanese idol groups, embarked on their first Asian tour in 2006, visiting Thailand, Taiwan and Korea. The tour was a huge success, attracting thousands of fans and showcasing Arashi's musical talents and charms. The tour was also documented in a live DVD, titled "Arashi Around Asia: Thailand - Taiwan - Korea", which was released in 2007 by J Storm. The DVD contains footage of Arashi's performances, behind-the-scenes moments, and interviews with the members and local staff.


The Tour

The tour was a part of Arashi's summer tour in 2006, which also included concerts in various cities in Japan. The tour was named "ARASHIC ARACHIC ARASICK Cool&Soul", reflecting the theme of Arashi's eighth album "ARASHIC", which was released in July 2006. The tour featured songs from the album, as well as some of Arashi's previous hits and solo songs by each member.

The first stop of the Asian tour was Bangkok, Thailand, where Arashi performed at the 2006 Asia Song Festival on September 21. Arashi was the only Japanese artist to participate in the festival, which also featured artists from Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Arashi performed three songs: "ARASHI", "Kitto Daijoubu" and "Wish". They also held a fan meeting at Melon AX on September 23, where they interacted with their Thai fans and sang "Wish" and "ARASHI" again.

The next stop was Taipei, Taiwan, where Arashi held their first solo concerts outside Japan on September 16 and 17. The concerts were titled "ARASHI FIRST CONCERT 2006 in Taipei Ku Deng Le! Arashi Lai Le!", which means "We've been waiting! Arashi is here!" in Mandarin. The concerts were held at the Taipei Arena, which has a capacity of 15,000 people. Arashi performed 28 songs, including their debut song "ARASHI", their latest single "Love so sweet", and their Taiwanese drama theme song "One Love". They also spoke some Mandarin phrases and expressed their gratitude to their Taiwanese fans.

The final stop was Seoul, Korea, where Arashi held two more solo concerts on November 11 and 12. The concerts were titled "ARASHI FIRST CONCERT 2006 in Seoul You are my Seoul SOUL", which is a pun on the word "soul". The concerts were held at the Olympic Park - Olympic Hall, which has a capacity of 4,000 people. Arashi performed 25 songs, including some of their Korean drama theme songs such as "Sakura Sake" and "Hero". They also spoke some Korean words and thanked their Korean fans for their support.


The DVD of the tour was released on May 23, 2007 by J Storm. It consists of two or three discs, depending on the edition. The main content of the DVD is a documentary that follows Arashi's journey across Asia, from their departure in Japan to their arrival in each country. The documentary shows Arashi's rehearsals, press conferences, fan meetings, sightseeing trips, backstage scenes, and interviews with the members and local staff. The documentary also includes some highlights of Arashi's performances in each country.

The limited edition of the DVD contains three discs. The third disc is a bonus disc that features the complete footage of Arashi's second concert in Taipei on September 17 (except for the MC segments). The regular edition of the DVD contains two discs. The second disc is a digest disc that features some clips of Arashi's final concert in Yokohama on August 31, as well as their first concerts in Seoul on November 11 and 12.

The Reception

The tour and the DVD were both well-received by fans and critics alike. The tour was praised for being a milestone in Arashi's career, as well as a bridge between Japan and other Asian countries. The tour also demonstrated Arashi's popularity and influence in Asia, as they attracted large crowds and media attention wherever they went. The DVD was also acclaimed for being a comprehensive and entertaining record of Arashi's tour, as well as a showcase of their musical skills and personalities. The DVD sold over 200,000 copies in Japan, making it one of the best-selling music DVDs of 2007. The DVD also ranked first on the Oricon weekly DVD chart and the Oricon yearly DVD chart for 2007.

The Conclusion

Arashi Around Asia: Thailand - Taiwan - Korea was a remarkable tour that marked Arashi's first venture into the Asian market. The tour was a success, both commercially and artistically, as it brought Arashi closer to their fans and introduced them to new audiences. The tour was also a memorable experience for Arashi, as they learned more about the culture and history of each country, and made new friends and connections. The tour was captured in a live DVD, which was a valuable souvenir for fans and a testament to Arashi's talent and charm. The tour and the DVD were both significant achievements in Arashi's history, and paved the way for their future endeavors in Asia and beyond.


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